EvoOutdoors is evolving… We were founded to bring you fine outdoor and camouflage apparel, in one convenient place to shop. We brought you stories of adventure in the outdoors via Thehuntersfeed.com. We shared community experiences both locally and abroad. There was a great deal of support from our ProStaff and Fieldstaff members along the way, sharing images, stories, and How to’s with our communities. EvoOutdoors is a family business, and as you know we only have so much capacity each day. We loved the experience we gained through each new destination the business took us. That being said, family does come first and we have decided to make that our primary path.

So where are we going? You will still find a tremendous amount of apparel still available for purchase, and at incredible prices. We will not be bringing new stock in. Are primary focus will now simply be sharing adventures, how-to’s, and community events. We hope you enjoy the reading, and stick around to share your experiences through Facebook, and Instagram. We will no longer be focused on hunting, but all aspects of the outdoor life. We wish to thank all of you for your past support and dedication, wishing you the best in the future to come.

See you outside!

Dave and Tracy

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